Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Menuocity?
Simply put, toss all of the paper menus, and get rid of all of those restaurant phone numbers! Simplify your life and come to one easy FREE website to order food. Now all of your favorite local restaurants are in one easy to use location. And if you’re from out of town, don’t ask the desk clerk where the restaurants are. It’s all right here.

How do I use Menuocity
Simply enter your zip code or city on the home page and look through the restaurants and click on the items you want to order. Go to check out and pay, and get ready to eat. Get your order right every time when you order Menuocity. No more confusing phone order conversations.

Nothing is ever really FREE, right? How can Menuocity be FREE?
Menuocity does not charge any fee whatsoever to the person placing the order. A small fee is paid by the restaurant for each prepaid order that Menuocity brings to the restaurant.

Are menu prices on Menuocity the same as the restaurant’s regular prices?
Absolutely! All prices are taken right from the restaurant’s regular menu.

How do I know if the restaurant received my order?
When the restaurant receives your order, you will receive an email and/or text message confirming that the order has been received.

Who actually charges my card when I place an order?
Your credit card statement will show a charge directly from the restaurant, the same as if you had ordered in person at that restaurant. There is never any confusion about what restaurant you ordered from like there is when using other food ordering websites.

How do I know my order and credit card is secure?
Menuocity does not see or store any credit card information on it's site. All information is sent directly to the credit card processing service and is secured by the most up to date security processes available and is updated constantly to meet today’s security requirements.

Why don’t I see some of the national chain restaurants on Menuocity?
Some locations are owned by a local business and choose to be on Menuocity. Others are owned by large corporations and may take a bit longer to get signed up to be on Menuocity. (Please let us know if there is a restaurant you would like to see on Menuocity by clicking here.

Does Menuocity offer Take Out and Delivery and Eat In?
YES! If the restaurant normally offers take-out, delivery or eat-in, then that is what is available on Menuocity.

Can I make a reservation on Menuocity?
Many restaurants offer priority seating when placing your order on Menuocity. Each restaurant determines the priority seating time that they offer and it is noted on their menu page. Because you have prepaid the restaurant, they treat you as if you were there to have your name on the waiting list. Next time “skip the line and save time” when you eat in.

Why doesn’t Menuocity have reviews or ratings of the restaurants?
Menuocity is not in the restaurant rating business. We’re in the food ordering business. We hope you will let your favorite restaurant know you love their food, or that they could improve, by contacting them directly. We also encourage you to check out those review sites that do that for a living everyday

When will Menuocity be available in my town?
We are constantly opening new areas. If you would like us to be in your area, please let us know at

How do I contact Menuocity?
You can contact us anytime at

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